Meet MSP, Your new business partner!

Meet MSP, Your new business partner!


The ‘new normal.’ We hear this term everywhere in our daily lives and it really shows how today’s economy has changed in such a short amount of time and how new practices are being developed to accommodate these changes. All companies are relying on their technology more than ever to keep their competitive edge and continuous growth on track in the unknown economy.

This is why businesses are teaming up with Managed Service Providers to get their technology optimized and implemented in a way that will create streamline workflow and efficient flexibility in their daily tasks. Without a reliably managed IT infrastructure in place, automation and efficiency would be complex, time-consuming, and costly to the business owner, who already has too much on their plate. Here are some of the main reasons to consider bringing in an MSP to push your company forward.

Your bottom line? Protected!

A small to mid-sized business can have a team of IT experts for a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT specialist. Plus, that team will include a wide range of expertise, ensuring any problems that arise will get fixed, in a timely manner.

MSP’s also bring 24/7 monitoring to the table. With a watchful eye on computer systems at all times, inefficiencies, attacks, and failures can be detected or prevented, even when the in-house tech has checked out for the day. Problems like these always happen when no one’s looking and this reduces the potential downtime and costs associated with any processes that may have been interrupted.

Business Strategy = Long-Term Relationships

It is important for Managed Service Providers to build long-term relationships with their clients to understand how to best serve their needs. Every business is different, every company has their own fingerprint and if an MSP does not take the time to learn that unique print, they won’t be able to provide the right plan to help the business grow. Rather than pay a company that only comes when something needs to be fixed, an MSP works to continuously move towards reaching business goals to find solutions that will benefit the client’s long-term strategy.

All that data? Off limits!

An in-house IT person will consistently be busy with both small- and large-scale projects. Are they going to be taking the time to keep up-to-date on growing cyber threats? New technology challenges? MSP’s take the time and keep their employees up-to-date to help catch any threats to a company’s system before there’s a chance for damage to be caused. Cyber-attacks are becoming much more constant and complex, and hackers are targeting small to mid-sized business because they tend to be more vulnerable. Companies like perform biweekly training sessions to ensure techs are knowledgeable and aware of any new tactics a cyber-attack may throw at them. This service from MSP’s are essential when business’s want to be protected from a devastating data loss, information stealing or reputation loss.

Too industry-specific? Think again!

Some companies believe they have to hire their own IT person because their business is too specialized, and that person will need to be trained according to the industry-specific standards to prevent any violations against regulatory compliance. One of the great things about working with an MSP, is they work with such a wide variety of clients, such as law firms, construction companies, manufacturing companies, medical facilities, and more, they have to be well-versed in these industry-standards and come into a business with the knowledge of what is or is not compliant.

The small stuff? Managed!

Managed IT services will also take care of the smaller problems a business owner may not think bout on a regular basis. They just want those smaller processes to work! Can your team work from home or remotely efficiently and suddenly? Can their voicemails be sent to the email inbox ( or directed to another phone number, so no call is overlooked? Connection and response times are imperative in a world that is constantly connected. Clients expect instant solutions to their problems, and they know if their current provider isn’t quick enough or if they never call back in a timely manner, the client has options, and another company will respond. With reliable connections through services like VoIP, clients can have the confidence that their problem is important, and their MSP will respond quickly.

What do you think?

Having a Managed Service Providers as a business partner, not only makes sense, but the relationship can bring valuable information, cost saving tools and strategies to the business plan, as well as, take away the daily stress of keeping your company’s data protected and connected. There are so many new challenges in today’s world, a business owner should be giving themselves every advantage possible to be successful in such a fiercely competitive market, and an MSP is going to be one of their biggest allies.

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