VoIP Services for Dallas Businesses

See how revolutionized collaboration generates efficiency

What is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)?

VoIP is a system put in place to provide businesses with voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the internet. This allows companies to communicate through programs like Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, or Microsoft Teams.

Take your business collaboration to the next level with myIT.com’s VoIP Service. VoIP provides your business with a unified communications system and features, such as phone calls, faxes, voicemail, e-mail, video conferences, multi-party chat, visual voicemail, desktop and screen sharing, and more at a lower cost than traditional phone lines. Our solutions are also scalable, customizable, and dependable with 24/7 maintenance of hosted system.

With VoIP solutions from myIT.com, you can have:

  • Increased accessibility – the ability to make business calls anywhere! If you are unable to answer, you can direct calls to another phone or have your voicemails emailed to you.
  • Higher scalability – is your business growing? This phone system can grow with your business seamlessly.
  • Advanced features for small and large teams – the ability to provide secure and dependable conference calls for large or small businesses.
  • Reliable calls – crisp and clear, no lag or call dropouts.
  • Supports multitasking – While in the middle of a conference call or meeting, you are able to send documents, images, or videos without interruption.
  • More collaboration tools - including video conferences, multi-party chat, visual voicemail, screen shares, and more.
  • Seamless transition - we have your VoIP installed and ready to use with no delay
  • 24/7 hosted system maintenance – maintains so your communication is never interrupted

Why chose myIT.com as your VoIP provider?

myIT.com has been helping clients in DFW Metroplex build their businesses for 23 years, and we have no plans on slowing down now. With excellent response times with our in-house knowledgeable technicians, we are confident that we can find a solution to any technology- based communication problems that can hinder your company’s growth. No matter where in the Dallas or Ft Worth area, we will provide the best IT solution and services for your IT needs.

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