Carla Vida

Professional Staff, Very Responsive, and Takes all of the IT Hassles Away!

There are many benefits of partnering with an IT firm such as Mostly that I do not worry at all, on any level, about the security or integrity of our computer network. Because you do everything for me, I just don't even think about it. Also, I know that if there is a problem, if I need something, or just if I have a really dumb question, you will respond immediately. If you want all the hassles taken away look no further. is the best there is! Hassling with computers, security, etc., is just a distraction from my regular business; since we are however, responsible for maintaining the private financial information of our own clients, security is a must! To worry about the security of our business is a time-waster for me. The costs in terms of time, money and business if I had a serious security breach or system crash would far outweigh the cost of paying someone to prevent those things from happening. In my opinion, it is better for the business to anticipate and prevent problems before they happen rather than trying to clean up a big mess that already occurred. It is simply worth the cost. Also, the peace of mind is worth the cost--knowing that if I have some sort or problem, it is easy to get it fixed. I do appreciate that your staff members are all very responsive and professional. No one speaks in "computer geek" or acts condescending to those of us who do not share your love of computers!

Carla Vida
Attorney at Vida Law Firm

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