What is Managed IT Services?

An MSP (Managed Services Provider) is a third-party contractor that can be used as or with an existing IT department to handle all technology needs when it comes to running a small business.

We believe that business owners shouldn’t be bothered with IT support struggles, and our Managed Services affirm this belief. With a low, predictable monthly subscription, you can enjoy having IT professionals handle all aspects of your business tech support while you devote your time and energy to doing what you love: running your business. Our proactive approach also means we never wait until something breaks to pinpoint and fix problems before they create costly downtime.


Proactive Maintenance
Spot and eliminate problems BEFORE they cause downtime.

Manageable Budget
Flat-rate subscription plans covering all aspects of your IT department.

More Efficiency
Get the most out of your existing technology once your IT is well managed.

Business IT Support
Let us take budgeting, planning, and researching off of your plate.

We can back up our claims!

myIT.com has been helping clients with IT Support Services in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington area build their businesses for 24 years, and we have no plans on slowing down now! With excellent response times with our in-house, knowledgeable technicians, we are confident that we can find a solution to any tech problem that can hinder your company’s growth.  No matter where in the Dallas or Fort Worth area, we will provide the best IT solution and services for your business.

How do I know my IT department needs help?

Are any of these situations a daily occurrence?

  • Slow internet?
  • Help desk not responding quickly?
  • Data not backed up?
  • Unreliable Wi-Fi?
  • Cyber-Security lacking?
  • Low Storage capacity?
  • Inefficient remote working?
  • Out-of-date hardware?
  • Expensive internal IT department?

How will my IT improve with an MSP?

  • Faster internet speeds
  • 24/7 help with same day responsiveness
  • Well-trained and knowledgeable staff
  • Daily data backup
  • Disaster Recovery plan
  • Network support
  • Obtain hardware and software licenses
  • Set up efficient office support for remote work
  • Network documentation