Glenn Hanner has Superior Level of Support and I have Peace of Mind!

The biggest benefit to using has been peace of mind. I know that if we have a meltdown, the team at will be here and stay here until we are back up. We have had several times through the years where hardware has failed, or we were attacked from the outside. In every instance, they were here promptly and stayed until we were back up. I used to worry about failures while I was out of town. Now, I know that Greg and his team have my back. Thinking through a solution makes a big difference. All too often, I have seen a suggested solution, and I did not think about the related applications or how we might use in a manner not considered. Having the experience of to help think through the different scenarios helps avoid those unforeseen problems down the road. Running an accounting firm serving hundreds of clients, we come into contact with many outside IT firms. We see the problems others have with their providers. We choose to stay with because we see how superior their level of support is compared to their competition.

Glenn Hanner
Co-founding Partner, CPA, CITP, CVA, EA
Hanner & Associates, Certified Public Accountants

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